Max Verstappen Receives New Hungarian GP Trophy: Lando’s Forbidden Touch and Norris’ Priceless Apology

Hungarian Grand Prix Trophy Broken by Lando Norris is Restored and Delivered to Max Verstappen Image
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Max Verstappen Receives New Hungarian GP Trophy. In the F1 community, where victory and rivalry intertwine, a recent incident at the Hungarian Grand Prix caught the attention of fans worldwide. 

The clash of celebrations and unintended outcomes unfolded as Max Verstappen and Lando Norris shared the podium. 

As the glittering trophy meant to honor Verstappen’s triumph met an unfortunate end in Norris’ hands, thanks to his unique champagne celebration, a tale of quick reparations, humorous banter, and a touch of camaraderie emerged.

Max Verstappen Receives New Hungarian GP Trophy

After the Hungarian GP 2023, the spotlight shone on an unexpected twist. 

In the jubilant aftermath of the race, Max Verstappen’s winner’s trophy suffered a surprising fate at the hands of fellow racer Lando Norris.

The porcelain trophy, crafted by Herendi Porcelán, met its demise during Lando Norris’ trademark champagne celebration. 

However, the story took a swift turn as the makers vowed to recreate the shattered masterpiece, presenting Verstappen with a brand-new trophy in a lighthearted moment that showcased both sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Aftermath: Promise of Reparation and Swift Replacement

In the wake of the Hungarian GP trophy mishap, a promise of restoration emerged. 

The Herendi Porcelain Manufacturer vowed to recreate the shattered prize, a process that usually takes several months. 

Yet, defying expectations, they swiftly delivered a brand-new trophy to the Red Bull’s driver Max Verstappen, offering a glimpse into their craftsmanship and dedication to rectifying the unforeseen incident.

Verstappen’s Trophy Reveal: Norris’ Forbidden Touch and Humorous Banter

The unveiling of the new trophy which cost nearly $44,000 at the Hungarian Grand Prix victor’s hands was a moment steeped in irony and camaraderie. 

Max Verstappen (re)received the pristine award, from his fellow racer Lando Norris by his side. Also, the trophy was delivered to Max in the presence of the trophy’s makers.

In a lighthearted touch, Verstappen playfully quipped that Norris was “not allowed to touch” it, referencing the prior mishap. 

Their banter showcased the bond amidst intense competition. No wonder, Max Verstappen teased everyone that he would want Lando Norris to be his teammate.

Social Media and Public Reception

The incident’s ripple reached far and wide on social media, captivating fans and garnering widespread attention. 

Max Verstappen’s post unveiling the new trophy drew engagement, sparking conversations about the unexpected turn of events. 

Public reaction reflected a blend of amusement and respect for the F1 racers’ camaraderie in the face of the trophy mishap.

Moreover, since this trophy mishap, fans are now commenting whenever a GP’s trophy is revealed, expressing their hope that Lando Norris won’t break it.

The same has happened even for the recently unveiled Italian GP trophy

Norris’ Priceless Apology: Adding Humor to the Situation

Lando Norris’ response to the trophy mishap added a touch of levity to the situation. 

His humorous apology for inadvertently breaking Max Verstappen’s prize drew attention, revealing Norris’ sportsmanship and ability to find humor in unexpected moments. 

The playful exchange between the racers resonated with fans, highlighting their camaraderie amidst the competitive F1 landscape.

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Lando Norris Pokes Fun at McDonald’s-Like Race Suits

Lando Norris’ wit shone again as he playfully teased Ferrari’s race suits at the Italian GP 2023 that was unmasked by the team to celebrate a special livery at Monza to honor 24 Hours Le Mans

Drawing a clever comparison to McDonald’s, Norris lightheartedly voiced his opinion about the color scheme. 

In a live streaming session with fellow racer Max Verstappen, their banter echoed public sentiment, making Norris a relatable figure who finds humor even in the world of high-stakes racing.


In the realm of Formula 1, where speed, competition, and camaraderie converge, the incident surrounding Max Verstappen’s trophy and Lando Norris’ unintended role added a unique chapter to the sport’s history. 

From the smashing of a meticulously crafted porcelain prize to the swift promise of a replacement, the Hungarian Grand Prix unfolded a tale of unpredictability. 

The camaraderie between Verstappen and Norris, exemplified through banter and humor, showcased the human side of these high-speed competitors. 

This episode, etched with its blend of mishap and camaraderie, reminds us that even in the fast lane, there’s always room for laughter and sportsmanship.

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