Internet Unearths Kelly Piquet’s Past: Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend Kelly Piquet was a Lewis Hamilton Fan!

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Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend Kelly Piquet was a Lewis Hamilton Fan.The internet has recently unearthed a surprising revelation about Kelly Piquet, the current girlfriend of Max Verstappen

It turns out that 260 weeks ago, Kelly Piquet was not cheering for her beau but was, in fact, a Lewis Hamilton fan

The discovery of her past admiration for the rival driver has ignited a firestorm of discussions and reactions across the web, adding a captivating layer to the ongoing F1 rivalry between Verstappen and Hamilton.

Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend Kelly Piquet was a Lewis Hamilton Fan

In an astonishing twist, recent online revelations have exposed a surprising facet of Kelly Piquet, the F1 WAG

Contrary to expectations, it was discovered that 260 weeks ago, Kelly Piquet was an ardent Lewis Hamilton fan

Daughter of Nelson Piquet and girlfriend of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, Kelly Piquet’s intriguing past on social media has come to light, causing a buzz among F1 enthusiasts. 

The discovery centers around an old Instagram notification, revealing her unexpected admiration for Lewis Hamilton

Piquet’s enthusiastic response to a particular Hamilton post, marked by fiery fist emojis, has captured the attention of the internet. 

This revelation serves as a fascinating glimpse into the history of Max Verstappen’s girlfriend and her evolving interests in the world of Formula 1.

Context of F1 Rivalry

The discovery of Kelly Piquet’s past fandom for Lewis Hamilton takes on a new dimension when placed within the broader context of the fierce rivalry between Hamilton and her current partner, Max Verstappen. 

The intense competition between these two F1 giants has divided fans worldwide. 

Piquet’s previous affinity for Hamilton now serves as a captivating subplot in this ongoing motorsport saga, sparking debates and discussions among devoted followers of the sport.

Not only Max Verstappen;s true rival on track is Lewis Hamilton but also they both have made some truly fierce comments about each other regarding the race. 

It is also important to note that Nelson Piquet, father of Kelly Piquet and former F1 champion has previously made some racist comments on Lewis Hamilton.

Reactions from Fans

The unexpected discovery of Kelly Piquet’s past admiration for Lewis Hamilton has set off a whirlwind of reactions from passionate Formula 1 fans. 

Internet denizens wasted no time in sharing their thoughts, with some offering witty commentary on Piquet’s actions, while others highlighted the widespread popularity of both Hamilton and Max Verstappen. 

The diverse array of responses showcases the fervor that surrounds this sport and its larger-than-life personalities.

Kelly Piquet’s Loyalties

Kelly Piquet’s journey in the world of Formula 1 reveals an intriguing twist in her loyalties. 

While she currently shares a relationship with F1 star Max Verstappen, her social media history from 2018 paints a different picture. 

Back then, her support seemed directed toward Mercedes and their iconic driver, Lewis Hamilton

This shift in allegiance adds a layer of complexity to her evolving ties within the sport.

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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s Careers

By 2018, Max Verstappen had firmly established himself as a rising star in Formula 1, boasting 5 race victories with Red Bull and a 4thplace championship finish

In contrast, Lewis Hamilton had already secured his place as a legendary figure in the sport, amassing 5 championships with McLaren and an additional 4 with Mercedes between 2014 and 2018

Their careers, though at different stages, represented two formidable forces in the world of motorsport.


In conclusion, the revelation of Kelly Piquet’s past as a Lewis Hamilton fan has injected an unexpected twist into the ongoing rivalry between Hamilton and her current partner, Max Verstappen, in the world of Formula 1. 

This intriguing discovery, triggered by her old social media activity, has captivated fans and ignited discussions across the internet. 

It serves as a reminder of the complex and ever-evolving dynamics within the F1 community, where even the closest relationships may have surprising allegiances buried in the past.

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