Max Verstappen’s Historic Canadian GP Race Suit Goes Up for Auction to Benefit Wings for Life

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Max Verstappen’s historic Canadian GP race suit goes up for auction to benefit Wings for Life. Max Verstappen, the talented Formula 1 driver, recently achieved a momentous victory at the Canadian Grand Prix, solidifying his status as a two-time world champion. His remarkable win, which marked Red Bull Racing’s 100th race victory, has garnered significant attention within the motorsport community. Now, an exclusive auction is set to take place, offering fans and collectors the opportunity to own a piece of F1 history: Verstappen’s race suit worn during the Canadian GP.

Max Verstappen’s Canadian Grand Prix Triumph

Securing his 41st career win, Verstappen not only equaled Ayrton Senna’s record but also propelled Red Bull Racing to their 100th race victory. Now, in a generous gesture, Verstappen’s race suit from the Canadian GP is set to be auctioned, with all proceeds benefiting Wings for Life, a charity dedicated to pioneering spinal cord injury research. This auction presents a unique opportunity for fans to own a symbolic piece of F1 history while contributing to a noble cause.

The Auction

The highly anticipated auction of Max Verstappen’s race suit worn during the Canadian Grand Prix is generating excitement among Formula 1 enthusiasts. This exclusive event, organized in collaboration with F1 Authentics and Oracle Red Bull Racing, offers fans the chance to acquire a coveted piece of F1 memorabilia. The signed race suit holds immense historical value, representing Verstappen’s 41st Formula 1 victory and Red Bull Racing’s 100th win. Moreover, the auction’s charitable aspect, with all proceeds going to Wings for Life, adds an altruistic dimension to this exceptional opportunity.

Collaboration between F1 Authentics and Oracle Red Bull Racing

The collaboration between F1 Authentics and Oracle Red Bull Racing is set to elevate the upcoming auction to new heights. These esteemed partners have joined forces to offer fans a truly unique opportunity to own Max Verstappen’s race suit from the Canadian Grand Prix. With F1 Authentics’ expertise in sports memorabilia and Red Bull Racing’s championship-winning pedigree, this auction promises authenticity and exclusivity.

Meet & Greet Experience

The Meet & Greet experience accompanying the auction adds an extraordinary dimension to this already remarkable opportunity. The highest bidder will not only secure Max Verstappen’s signed race suit from his Canadian Grand Prix triumph but also have the exclusive chance to meet the two-time World Champion in person. The chosen winner will visit the Oracle Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes, UK, where Verstappen will personally hand over the iconic suit.

Wings for Life: The Beneficiary

Wings for Life Image
Source: Wings for Life World Run

Wings for Life, the esteemed charity partner of Oracle Red Bull Racing, stands as the grateful beneficiary of the upcoming auction. Established in 2004, Wings for Life is committed to funding groundbreaking research and clinical trials aimed at finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. With the entire proceeds from the auction dedicated to this cause, the collaboration between Max Verstappen, F1 Authentics, and Red Bull Racing aims to make a meaningful impact in advancing spinal cord injury research and transforming lives.


The collaboration between F1 Authentics and Oracle Red Bull Racing offers fans a chance to own Verstappen’s race suit, while the Meet & Greet experience adds an exclusive touch. With Wings for Life as the beneficiary, this auction goes beyond racing memorabilia, contributing to groundbreaking spinal cord injury research. It’s a testament to the power of sports in making a positive impact on lives.

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