Meet Charles Leclerc’s New Love Interest Alexandra Saint Mleux!!

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Meet Charles Leclerc’s New Love Interest Alexandra Saint Mleux. In the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing, Charles Leclerc, the Ferrari star and heart-throb, has once again become the center of attention, not just for his impressive driving skills but also for his romantic endeavors. Recently, rumors have been swirling about his new love interest, Alexandra Saint Mleux.

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Meet Charles Leclerc’s New Love Interest Alexandra Saint Mleux

Alexandra Saint Mleux is the new woman in Charles Leclerc’s life, stirring curiosity among fans. An Italian student studying Art History in Paris, France, little is known about her, but she has been spotted with the Ferrari driver on multiple occasions. With a private Instagram and TikTok account, Alexandra shares her art and travel experiences with her followers. As their romance unfolds, both Charles and Alexandra keep their relationship under wraps, leaving fans eager to uncover more about this enigmatic figure in the racing world.

The Status of Their Relationship

As fans speculate about the romantic connection between Charles Leclerc and Alexandra Saint Mleux, the couple has remained tight-lipped about their relationship status. Recently, almost 2 months ago a video clip hinted at Charles being in love again, but neither of them has confirmed anything publicly. The Monegasque driver’s past relationships, with Giada Gianni and Charlotte Sine, had been open on social media, but this time, the pair seems to cherish their privacy.

The Public Appearances of the Couple Together

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From the Monaco Grand Prix 2023 to the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023, Alexandra Saint Mleux has been seen accompanying Charles Leclerc. Additionally, the couple attended the recent Wimbledon match to cheer for world-famous tennis player Novak Djokovic. Notably, they were joined by Pierre Gasly and his girlfriend, Kiki. This public appearance further intensified the rumors surrounding their alleged relationship.

Charles Leclerc’s Past Relationships

It has always been a subject of fascination among fans whenever it comes to Charles Leclerc’s romantic journey. In the past, he had 2 noteworthy relationships that garnered attention. His first love was the Italian model, Giada Gianni, with whom he dated for over 14 years. Following their split, he found love again with architecture student Charlotte Sine. However, as with any love story, their relationship eventually came to an end. Now, with rumors swirling about his new love interest, Alexandra Saint Mleux, fans are eager to learn more about this chapter in Leclerc’s love life.

Alexandra Saint Mleux’s Social Media Presence

The new love life of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, Alexandra Saint Mleux maintains an intriguing presence on social media platforms. With an Instagram account, a private one, dedicated to her art, she shares her creative musings and travels, attracting over 21K followers. Additionally, Alexandra is an active TikTok user with a following of 61K. Her posts offer glimpses into her life as an Italian student studying Art History in Paris, France, while keeping her romance with Charles Leclerc under wraps.


Charles Leclerc’s love life has once again become a topic of fascination, with rumors swirling about his new romance with Alexandra Saint Mleux. While Charles’ past relationships with Giada Gianni and Charlotte Sine were public, this time, he and Alexandra seem to cherish their intimate moments away from the spotlight. As the racing star and his new love interest continue to navigate their romantic journey, the world watches with intrigue, eager to uncover the true depth of their affection.

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