Nyck de Vries Returns to Racing with Formula E in 2024 

Nyck de Vries Signs Multi-Year Contract for Season 10 with Mahindra Racing Image
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Nyck de Vries Returns to Racing with Formula E in 2024. In a stunning comeback in F1, Dutch racing sensation Nyck de Vries is set to reignite his career in the fast-paced realm of Formula E in 2024

After a brief grace on the grid with the AlphaTauri team, de Vries now returns to the championship that once crowned him the inaugural FIA-recognized World Champion

Mahindra Racing, the team he’s chosen to partner with, holds high hopes for the future, aiming to revitalize their performance in Formula E’s Season 10

This exciting development marks a pivotal chapter in Nyck de Vries’ racing odyssey.

Nyck de Vries Returns to Racing with Formula E in 2024 

Nyck de Vries has taken the motorsport world by storm with his electrifying decision to make a triumphant return to racing, set to ignite the tracks of Formula E once again in the year 2024

After a rollercoaster stint in F1 with AlphaTauri, the Dutch racing sensation is back in the familiar embrace of Formula E, a championship where he achieved World Champion status. 

His partnership with Mahindra Racing signifies a renewed quest for success in Season 10, promising a thrilling chapter in de Vries’ racing journey.

Formula E Comeback

Nyck de Vries makes a spectacular Formula E comeback that has enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. 

Having already clinched the coveted title of FIA-recognized World Champion in the all-electric series, his return in 2024, this time with Mahindra Racing, is a thrilling reunion with a championship he describes as “feeling like home.” 

This move marks a strategic leap after a brief stint in Formula 1 with AlphaTauri, and it has fans eagerly awaiting his electrifying performance in Season 10.

Formula 1 Stint

Nyck de Vries’ Formula 1 stint was a whirlwind experience, characterized by highs and lows. 

Joining the ranks of AlphaTauri, he faced formidable challenges, including fierce competition from teammate Yuki Tsunoda

After only 10 races, his F1 journey took an unexpected turn, culminating in his replacement by Daniel Ricciardo

Despite the brevity of his F1 career, de Vries’ racing prowess remains undeniable.

Decision to Return

Nyck de Vries’ decision to return to the electric racing circuit of Formula E is a compelling chapter in his career. 

After a brief but eventful spell in Formula 1, he chose to reunite with the series that awarded him the prestigious FIA-recognized World Champion title. 

This strategic shift reflects his belief in Mahindra’s potential and their journey together in Season 10, an exciting choice that has rekindled his passion for racing.

Mahindra Racing’s Vision

The team, the sole Indian representative in Formula E, is charting a course to reclaim their competitive edge. 

The signing of Nyck de Vries and Edoardo Mortara on multi-year contracts signals a pivotal step towards their aspirations, following a challenging introduction to the Gen3 regulations in the previous season. 

Their collective experience and caliber promise a resurgence as they aim to become formidable contenders once more in Season 10.

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New Challenges Ahead

Certain new challenges await Nyck de Vries as he embarks on his Formula E journey with Mahindra Racing. 

Partnered alongside Swiss driver Edoardo Mortara, he’s set to face the rigors of a highly competitive field. 

Mahindra Racing, coming off a challenging previous season, looks to elevate their performance in Formula E’s Season 10

With these changes, a fresh chapter unfolds in Nyck de Vries’ racing narrative.


In conclusion, Nyck de Vries’ return to racing, particularly in Formula E for the year 2024, is a remarkable twist in his dynamic career. 

Having navigated the highs and lows of Formula 1, he has opted to reignite his passion in the championship where he achieved the prestigious title of FIA-recognized World Champion. 

His partnership with Mahindra Racing signifies a promising new chapter, as the team seeks to reclaim its competitive edge. 

With the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in Formula E’s Season 10, Nyck de Vries embarks on a fresh and exhilarating phase of his racing journey.

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