PIF Exits McLaren as Bahrain’s Mumtalakat Becomes Largest Shareholder

Bahrain's Mumtalakat Owns Largest Shares in McLaren Image
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PIF exits McLaren as Bahrain’s Mumtalakat becomes largest shareholder. In a significant development, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has divested its stake in McLaren, the renowned supercar maker and Formula 1 team-owner. This move paves the way for Bahrain’s Mumtalakat, the state investment fund, to emerge as McLaren’s largest shareholder. With PIF’s exit, Mumtalakat’s influence in the automotive group deepens, positioning it at the forefront of McLaren’s future growth and strategic direction.

Transaction Details Between PIF and Bahrain’s Mumtalakat

The transaction between Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Bahrain’s Mumtalakat involves the transfer of £400m worth of preference shares and warrants in McLaren Group. This private deal, executed between existing shareholders, signifies a significant step in McLaren’s capital structure optimization efforts. It is anticipated that the cancellation of preference shares will be followed by raising further equity, positioning McLaren for future growth and stability. The transaction does not involve injecting new capital into the company but reinforces Mumtalakat’s position as McLaren’s largest shareholder.

Capital Structure Improvement

McLaren’s board, under the leadership of former Diageo chief Paul Walsh, is focused on enhancing the company’s capital structure. The divestment of preference shares by Saudi Arabia’s PIF aligns with McLaren’s efforts to streamline its financial framework. By tidying up the capital structure, McLaren aims to create a solid foundation for future equity raising initiatives, reinforcing its position in the competitive automotive industry.

Future Plans

Following the acquisition of preference shares by Bahrain’s Mumtalakat, McLaren’s future plans involve further equity raising activities. The cancellation of preference shares sets the stage for McLaren to explore avenues to strengthen its balance sheet. With a focus on capital restructuring, McLaren aims to position itself for sustained growth and success in the dynamic automotive industry, ensuring a promising future ahead.

PIF’s Sports Investments

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has been actively expanding its sports investments. Alongside its divestment from McLaren, PIF has recently engineered the merger of LIV Golf with the PGA Tour and DP World Tours. The fund’s growing financial influence has also been utilized to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s domestic football league, attracting renowned players. PIF’s involvement in various sports ventures highlights its strategic focus on shaping the global sports landscape.

Impact on Racing Arm

McLaren’s Formula One team, known for its self-sustaining nature, remains unaffected by the transaction. As McLaren focuses on capital structure improvements and equity raising initiatives, the racing division, led by Zak Brown, continues its upward trajectory, showcasing strong performance and resilience in the competitive world of motorsport.

McLaren’s Historic Success

With a rich heritage spanning over half a century, McLaren boasts an illustrious history of success in motorsport. As a Formula One powerhouse, McLaren has secured eight constructors’ championships and celebrated victories in 180 Grands Prix, three Indianapolis 500s, and a remarkable debut win at the Le Mans 24 Hours. The team’s legacy is further enhanced by legendary drivers such as Mika Hakkinen, Lewis Hamilton, Alain Prost, and Ayrton Senna, solidifying McLaren’s status as a revered name in British motorsport.


As Bahrain’s Mumtalakat acquires the preference shares from Saudi Arabia’s PIF, McLaren undergoes significant changes in its ownership structure. This transaction, coupled with the ongoing efforts to optimize the capital structure, positions McLaren for a promising future. With a rich racing heritage and a focus on strengthening its balance sheet, McLaren is poised to navigate the evolving automotive landscape and continue its pursuit of excellence in both Formula One and the production of high-performance supercars.

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