Lewis Hamilton’s Royal Brush-Off: Queen Elizabeth Set Conversation Rules with Lewis Hamilton

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Source: Shropshire Star

Queen Elizabeth Set Conversation Rules with Lewis Hamilton. The death of England’s remarkable queen, Queen Elizabeth II, marks nearly a year today. 

In honor of remembering the late queen in the world of F1, let us reminisce about one of the awkward yet pleasant memories one of the F1 drivers had with Her Majesty.

In the annals of intriguing royal encounters, there exists a captivating tale of Queen Elizabeth II’s discreet yet impactful correction of Lewis Hamilton

Amidst the opulent ambiance of Buckingham Palace, the renowned Formula 1 driver found himself at the receiving end of a royal brush-off. 

This incident, unfolding during a lunch date, sheds light on the remarkable juxtaposition of royal protocol and sports stardom. 

As Hamilton excitedly initiated a conversation with the Queen, her polite yet firm correction set the tone for an unforgettable encounter that would resonate for years to come.

Queen Elizabeth Set Conversation Rules with Lewis Hamilton

During a remarkable royal luncheon at Buckingham Palace, an incident unfolded that showcased Queen Elizabeth II’s unwavering commitment to royal protocol. 

Lewis Hamilton, the celebrated F1 star, found himself enthusiastically conversing with Her Majesty

However, the Queen, in her polite yet unequivocal manner, subtly corrected Hamilton, reminding him of the conversation rules dictated by royal etiquette

Lewis Hamilton’s words offer a poignant glimpse into his encounters with Queen Elizabeth II and his reflections on her passing. 

He recalled their first meeting, saying, 

“In 2010 I got invited to a lunch and was sitting next to The Queen.” 

Bubbling with excitement to have a chat with The Queen Hamilton started to fire up a conversation with her. But, Hamilton said,

“She then pointed to my left and said, ‘No, you speak that way first, and I’ll speak this way, and then I’ll come back to you.” 

He continued saying, 

“She is a sweet woman and we talked about how she spends her weekends, houses, and music.”

“She is a sweet woman and we talked about how she spends her weekends, houses, and music.” These quotes reflect both the uniqueness of the royal encounters and Hamilton’s thoughtful response to a somber moment.

The Silent Tribute

Amidst the world’s expressions of sorrow and despair upon the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, one voice remained conspicuously silent: that of Lewis Hamilton

Knighted during her reign, Hamilton’s silent tribute followed a different timeline. 

At the time of Her Majesty’s death, Hamilton was at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. Much later after knowing her demise, Hamilton expressed, 

“I didn’t want to just post. Everyone was just posting immediately afterward.” 

He explained his measured response, expressing a desire to reflect thoughtfully in a world where immediate reactions prevailed. 

This poignant pause underscored his respect for the monarch who had bestowed upon him the title of “Sir.”

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Concerns for Queen’s Health

Queen Elizabeth II’s health became a topic of concern in 2021 and 2022

She missed key public events, including the opening session of the UK Parliament, which she had not done in 59 years

This raised apprehension, and Lewis Hamilton voiced his unease. 

His thoughts and prayers were with the Queen, but he, like many, had limited information about her condition. 

The Queen’s health, intertwined with Hamilton’s sentiments, became a subject of collective worry.


In the intersection of sports and royalty, Lewis Hamilton’s encounter with Queen Elizabeth II remains a captivating narrative. 

It highlights the significance of royal protocol, the depth of respect, and the blend of formality and humanity in these unique interactions, offering timeless stories in the annals of British royalty.

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