Sainz Chuckles as Mercedes Tries His DRS Trick at Japanese Grand Prix

Sainz Reacts to Mercedes' Copycat DRS Strategy in F1 Japanese GP Image

Sainz Chuckles as Mercedes Tries His DRS Trick at Japanese Grand Prix. In the high-speed drama of F1, the Japanese GP witnessed a twist as Carlos Sainz found himself at the center of an unexpected showdown. 

Mercedes, known for their tactical prowess, attempted to replicate Sainz’s ingenious DRS strategy in a bid to stay ahead. 

As the race unfolded, Sainz, tucked inside his cockpit, couldn’t help but chuckle at the unfolding spectacle. 

In this exhilarating tale, we delve into Sainz’s amusement and dissect the intriguing world of DRS tactics on the Suzuka circuit.

Sainz Chuckles as Mercedes Tries His DRS Trick at Japanese Grand Prix

During the Japanese Grand Prix, the Formula 1 world witnessed an unexpected twist as Carlos Sainz found himself at the center of an intriguing battle. 

Mercedes, known for their strategic prowess, attempted to replicate Carlos Sainz’s DRS trick from the previous race in Singapore to maintain their position. 

As the race unfolded, the Spaniard said that he laughed at his rival team’s attempt to copy his tricks to beat him.

This unique showdown shed light on the clever utilization of the Drag Reduction System in the high-stakes world of Formula 1.

Sainz’s Reaction

As the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix unfolded, Carlos Sainz couldn’t contain his amusement when he noticed Mercedes attempting to employ his own DRS tactics

Inside his Ferrari car, he admitted, 

“I was laughing in the car because I could see Lewis backing off in 130R to give DRS to George.” 

Sainz’s reaction epitomized the thrill and humor of F1’s strategic battles. 

He further remarked, 

“I need to make sure I attack George into the chicane. If I didn’t throw them offline, it would be impossible to pass them,” highlighting the clever maneuvers and tactics that define the sport.

DRS Strategy

The DRS strategy takes center stage in the thrilling battle at the Suzuka Circuit

Carlos Sainz employed this tactic in Singapore on Lando Norris and George Russell and he successfully won the Singapore Grand Prix championship.

And at Suzuka, Mercedes attempted to replicate it. 

Lewis Hamilton backed off, giving DRS to George Russell

This strategic chess match showcased the artistry of using the Drag Reduction System in Formula 1’s high-speed theater.


The outcome of the Japanese GP 2023 revealed the strategic prowess of the Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz and the complexities of the DRS strategy. 

Despite Mercedes’ attempt to use this tactic, Sainz managed to get past George Russell, showcasing his mastery of the situation. 

However, overtaking Lewis Hamilton proved challenging, as Sainz noted, 

“if you’re not one second quicker, you’re not passing.” 

The race ended with Sainz in 6th place behind Lewis Hamilton, emphasizing the significance of track position in this high-stakes contest.

Sainz’s Perspective

From Carlos Sainz’s perspective, the Japanese Grand Prix 2023 offered both amusement and challenge. 

He chuckled as Mercedes attempted his own DRS tricks, saying,

“They are using my tricks against me!” 

Sainz also reflected on the race dynamics, noting,

“I think today Suzuka proved to be quite tricky to overtake.” 

His insights underscored the importance of track position in the race’s outcome, leaving him in sixth place and ready for future battles.

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Ferrari’s Performance

Carlos’ team Ferrari displayed a great performance at the Japanese Grand Prix and marked a significant stride in their battle for 2nd place in the Constructors’ Championship

Carlos Sainz celebrated a strong race, acknowledging, 

“I think today we had better pace than the result showed.” 

With Sainz in the driver’s seat, Ferrari continued to outscore Mercedes, reaffirming their position as the prime contenders for the coveted ‘best of the rest’ title in a season dominated by Red Bull.


In the high-stakes world of Formula 1, the Japanese Grand Prix provided a thrilling spectacle of strategy and skill. 

Carlos Sainz’s laughter inside his racing machine as Mercedes attempted to replicate his DRS tactics showcased the strategic wit that defines this sport. 

The race outcome emphasized the paramount importance of track position, leaving Sainz in sixth place but ready for future battles.

This gripping tale in Suzuka reaffirms that in Formula 1, the pursuit of victory is as much about clever tactics as it is about speed.

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