Sainz Sets the Pace in Italian GP Final Practice Session at Monza; Verstappen and Hamilton Follow

 Sainz Edges Out Verstappen and Hamilton in Italian GP 2023 FP3 Session at Monza Image

Sainz Sets the Pace in Italian GP Final Practice Session at Monza . In the build-up to the highly anticipated Italian Grand Prix at the historic Monza circuit, Carlos Sainz toppend the FP3 session. 

The Spaniard who recently celebrated his birthday, emerged as the standout performer in the final practice session, setting the pace with a blistering lap time. 

Sainz’s impressive display underlined Ferrari’s competitiveness on their home turf, with championship leader Max Verstappen and reigning champion Lewis Hamilton trailing closely behind. 

However, the session was not without its dramatic moments, as drivers navigated challenges, near collisions, and the unique Alternative Tyre Allocation rules set for the weekend. 

Let’s dive into the exhilarating highlights and incidents that unfolded during this pivotal practice session.

Sainz Sets the Pace in Italian GP Final Practice Session at Monza 

In a thrilling lead-up to the 2023 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz showcased his prowess by setting the pace during the final practice session. 

With a remarkable lap time of 1:20.912, Sainz reaffirmed Ferrari’s strength at their home circuit

Moreover, Carlos Sainz delights Tifosi with the fastest time in Italian GP FP3.

His performance edged out formidable rivals, including championship leader Max Verstappen of Red Bull and veteran champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, who closely followed. 

Verstappen and Hamilton in Pursuit

As the final practice session for the Italian Grand Prix unfolded at Monza, the competitive spirits of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton came to the fore. 

Verstappen, who has won the Dutch Grand Prix championship, pursued excellence, closely following Carlos Sainz’s impressive lap time. 

Meanwhile, Hamilton, the reigning champion eager to bag his 8th championship, displayed his determination to bridge the gap. 

The Monza circuit set the stage for a thrilling showdown between these formidable drivers as they fine-tuned their strategies for the upcoming challenges in Formula 1.

Drivers Adapting to Alternative Tyre Allocation (ATA)

Amidst the action at Monza’s final practice session for the Italian Grand Prix 2023, a significant factor came into play – the Alternative Tyre Allocation (ATA)

Drivers faced the challenge of adapting to this unique tyre allocation system for the weekend. 

This deviation from the norm added complexity to their strategies as they utilized different tyre compounds during the session, a testament to the adaptability and versatility required in F1.

Traffic Issues on the Track

During the intense practice session at Monza, traffic issues emerged as a prominent concern on the track. 

Drivers grappled with slow-moving cars impeding their hot laps, foreshadowing potential chaos during qualifying. 

Race Director Niels Wittich issued directives to curb these problems, emphasizing the importance of maintaining minimum times on out-laps to ensure fair and efficient track usage. 

As the drivers prepare for the Italian GP, navigating through traffic will be a crucial skill in this high-speed battleground.

Perez’s Setback Due to Oil Leak

Max Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez faced a significant setback during the FP3 session for the Italian GP 2023 as his car suffered from an unexpected oil leak

This unfortunate incident hindered Perez’s ability to complete crucial qualifying simulations, putting him at a disadvantage for the upcoming sessions. 

The leak, while unforeseen, highlighted the importance of flawless machinery in Formula 1 and the challenges teams face in maintaining peak performance under intense scrutiny.

Sainz and Piastri Incident

The Monza circuit witnessed a tense moment during the final practice session as Carlos Sainz and Oscar Piastri found themselves embroiled in an incident. 

This encounter, not unfamiliar to the 2 drivers, resulted in a minor collision and led to Sainz receiving a black-and-white flag

The incident added a layer of drama to the session, reminding everyone of the fine margins in F1.

Drama at Monza: Race Highlights

The final practice session at Monza was nothing short of dramatic with several noteworthy highlights. 

Near collisions and incidents on the track kept fans on the edge of their seats. 

From Versace adorning Lewis Hamilton arriving into the Paddock, Yuki Tsunoda’s frustration to Lando Norris’s close encounter with Zhou Guanyu, the session foreshadowed a great drama at the same time feast for everyone. 

The Monza circuit lived up to its reputation as a theater of high-speed drama.

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Italian GP FP3 Race Results

1Carlos SainzFerrari1:20.912
2Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing1:20.998
3Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:21.453
4Charles LeclercFerrari1:21.486
5Fernando AlonsoAston Martin1:21.711
6George RussellMercedes1:21.730
7Kevin MagnussenHaas1:21.884
8Nico HulkenbergHaas1:21.985
9Alex AlbonWilliams1:22.054
10Sergio PerezRed Bull Racing1:22.192
11Lance StrollAston Martin1:22.245
12Liam LawsonAlphaTauri1:22.296
13Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri1:22.297
14Oscar PiastriMcLaren1:22.302
15Logan SargeantWilliams1:22.380
16Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo1:22.511
17Lando NorrisMcLaren1:22.515
18Esteban OconAlpine1:22.739
19Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo1:22.742
20Pierre GaslyAlpine1:22.852


In conclusion, the Italian Grand Prix FP3 session at Monza provided fans with a thrilling preview of what’s to come in the race weekend. 

The session wasn’t without its share of drama, with near collisions and incidents keeping everyone on edge. 

As the teams adapt to alternative tire allocations, it adds an element of strategy to the mix.

With all eyes on Monza, anticipation for the Italian Grand Prix is at an all-time high. 

Stay tuned for more race highlights and results as the weekend unfolds.

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