Stewards Lay Down the Law: Sainz Summoned by Stewards After Las Vegas FP1 Damage

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Source: Reuters

Sainz Summoned by Stewards After Las Vegas FP1 Damage. At the Las Vegas GP weekend, during the FP1 session, Carlos Sainz finds himself in the stewards’ spotlight after a loose manwhole wreaked havoc

As the FIA acknowledges responsibility for the substandard track conditions, Ferrari faces the repercussions of extensive damage to Sainz’s car, prompting a summons and potential grid penalty

The unfolding saga raises questions about the stewards’ authority, mitigating circumstances, and the intricate dance between regulations and unforeseen events in the fast-paced world of Formula 1.

Sainz Summoned by Stewards After Las Vegas FP1 Damage

Amidst the roar of engines in Las Vegas, a thunderous incident unfolded as Carlos Sainz faced the wrath of a loose drain cover during First Practice Session 1, leaving his Ferrari battered. 

The tale takes a twist as the Stewards summon Sainz, scrutinizing the aftermath of the turmoil. 

The looming question: will the aftermath of this FP1 drama cast a shadow on Ferrari’s prospects in the Grand Prix grid?

FP1 Chaos and Abandonment

In the heart of the Las Vegas Grand Prix’s opening act, the track echoed with the chaos of a dislodged drain cover, forcing an abrupt halt to the anticipated FP1 session. 

Carlos Sainz and Esteban Ocon faced the brunt of the upheaval, prompting the FIA to declare the session abandoned. 

Ferrari’s Damage Assessment

As the dust settles in the wake of Las Vegas GP’s FP1 turmoil, Ferrari meticulously assesses the extensive damage inflicted upon Carlos Sainz’s chariot. 

The need for energy store, new chassis, control electronics and internal combustion engine unfolds, casting a shadow over the team’s prospects and potentially paving the way for a grid drop.

Stewards’ Decision and Ferrari’s Case

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas FP1 debacle, Ferrari stands before the Stewards, pleading their case as they grapple with the implications of replacing vital components. 

The Stewards weigh the impact of substandard track conditions, a crucial factor in deciding whether a grid drop looms for Carlos Sainz. 

The tension mounts as the regulatory intricacies unfold.

Alpine’s Status and Ocon’s Readiness

While Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari undergoes intensive repairs, a glimmer of hope emerges from the Alpine camp. 

Confirmation arrives that Esteban Ocon’s car is poised for a return to the track in FP2, offering a stark contrast to the ongoing saga surrounding Sainz’s damaged machine

Alpine’s readiness injects a dose of optimism into the unfolding narrative.

FIA Admits Fault, Yet Penalty Issued

In a perplexing turn, the FIA acknowledges its responsibility for the Las Vegas FP1 chaos involving Carlos Sainz, caused by a loose manwhole cover

Despite recognizing the fault lies externally, the Stewards issue a penalty, adhering to Article 28.3 of the Sporting Regulations, raising questions about the intricacies of enforcing rules in the face of unusual circumstances.

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Stewards’ Authority and Mitigating Circumstances

As the Stewards navigate the aftermath of the Las Vegas Grand Prix FP1 turmoil, their authority comes into sharp focus. 

Despite recognizing the mitigating, unusual, and unfortunate circumstances surrounding Carlos Sainz’s damage, regulations bind their hands. 

Clarifying their limited authority to grant a derogation, the Stewards grapple with enforcing penalties in a nuanced scenario where the regulations offer little leeway for discretion.


In the tumultuous wake of the Las Vegas Grand Prix’s FP1, the narrative unfolds with a blend of unpredictability and regulatory rigidity. 

Carlos Sainz’s damaged Ferrari, the Stewards’ deliberations, and the FIA’s admission of fault paint a vivid picture of the delicate dance between on-track chaos and the stringent embrace of regulations. 

As the story concludes, the looming question remains: how will these intricacies shape the grid for the impending race, leaving fans and teams alike on the edge of anticipation? 

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, already etched in the books for its unexpected twists, sets the stage for a race where the drama may extend beyond the track.

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