Swiss Racing Pro Neel Jani Joins Audi for Formula 1 Simulator Role

Audi Appoints Neel Jani as Formula 1 Simulator in Power Unit Development Image
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Swiss racing pro Neel Jani joins Audi for Formula 1 simulator role. Audi, the German automotive brand set to enter Formula 1 in 2026, has made a significant addition to their Formula 1 project with the signing of Swiss racing professional Neel Jani. Jani, known for his success in endurance racing and previous experience as a test and reserve driver for Red Bull Racing, will play a crucial role as a simulator driver in Audi’s power unit development.

Audi Appoints Neel Jani as Formula 1 Simulator in Power Unit Development

Swiss racing Pro Neel Jani joins Audi for Formula 1 simulator role. Swiss racing professional Neel Jani has taken on a crucial role in Audi’s Formula 1 project, specifically in the development of their power unit. With his extensive experience as a former test and reserve driver for Red Bull Racing and a member of the Porsche factory team, Jani brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His expertise in energy management, hybrid race cars, and simulator work will be instrumental in forging the necessary links between theory and practice in Audi’s power unit development efforts.

Audi’s Formula 1 Project

Last summer, Audi made a resounding announcement of their entry into Formula 1, scheduled for 2026 when new regulations come into effect. Determined to establish their presence in the sport, Audi secured the Sauber works team, currently known as Alfa Romeo, as their foundation. With the goal of developing their own power unit, Audi has been diligently preparing for their Formula 1 venture, assembling a formidable team that includes former McLaren Technical Director James Key and McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl.

Upgrades to the Dynamic Driving Simulator

Neel Jani gets Audi Formula 1 Simulator Role Image
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Audi’s Neuberg site is currently undergoing upgrades to its dynamic driving simulator, as part of their Formula 1 project. This enhanced simulator will play a vital role in the development of the Formula 1 hybrid powertrain. By providing a realistic environment for testing and refining the power unit, the upgraded simulator will aid in evaluating various operating strategies and ensure efficient energy management. Audi’s commitment to simulation technology highlights its importance in the Formula 1 development process.

Focus on Fundamental Concept Questions

Audi’s Formula 1 project is currently focused on addressing fundamental concept questions that have high relevance to performance. While digital methods play a significant role, Audi acknowledges the importance of practical development and firsthand experience. By combining know-how, experience, and simulation, they can draw accurate conclusions and assess various operating strategies early on. This approach allows Audi to lay the groundwork for efficient energy management and performance in their power unit development for the forthcoming Formula 1 regulations.

Progress in Power Unit Development

Audi’s power unit development for their Formula 1 project has seen notable progress. Testing of a one-cylinder engine since the end of 2022 has yielded valuable results. The ongoing concept phase focuses on laying the performance-related groundwork for the power unit, anticipating increasing electrification in line with future regulations. The combination of sustainable synthetic fuel, highly efficient turbo engines, and a powerful electric motor sets the stage for Audi’s advanced power unit in Formula 1.

Planned Dyno Testing and Future Vehicle Concept

Audi’s Formula 1 project is moving forward with their planned dyno testing, which is set to take place before the year concludes. This crucial step involves running the first hybrid power unit, comprising the internal combustion engine, electric motor, battery, and control electronics, on the dyno. The results obtained will serve as the foundation for the future vehicle concept, allowing Audi to fine-tune and optimize their Formula 1 power unit for maximum performance and efficiency.


With the addition of Swiss racing professional Neel Jani as a simulator driver, Audi reinforces its commitment to bridging the gap between theory and practice. Upgrades to their dynamic driving simulator, focus on fundamental concept questions, and planned dyno testing highlight Audi’s meticulous approach to crafting a competitive Formula 1 power unit. As the brand prepares for their Formula 1 debut in 2026, the combination of simulation, practical development, and sustainable technology paves the way for Audi’s success in the world of motorsport.

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