Controversy at Las Vegas GP: Ted Kravitz Rubbishes Charles Leclerc’s Claim and Backs Verstappen

Ted Kravitz Questions Stewards' Call on Verstappen's Penalty Image
Ted Kravitz Questions Stewards’ Call on Verstappen’s Penalty Image (Image Credit – Daily Express)

Ted Kravitz Rubbishes Charles Leclerc’s Claim and Backs Verstappen. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, a storm of controversy erupted over Max Verstappen’s 5-second penalty for an intense first-lap battle with Charles Leclerc

Sky Sports pundit Ted Kravitz entered the fray, fervently challenging the stewards’ decision in his trademark style. 

Amidst the drama, Kravitz passionately dismissed Leclerc’s complaints, asserting that what transpired on the track was nothing short of “hard racing.” 

The clash, dissected by Kravitz in Ted’s Notebook, illuminates a fierce debate within the F1 community over racing tactics and stewardship.

Ted Kravitz Rubbishes Charles Leclerc’s Claim and Backs Verstappen

In a fiery critique following the Las Vegas GP, Ted Kravitz vehemently dismisses Charles Leclerc’s grievances over Max Verstappen’s penalty, staunchly supporting the Dutch driver. 

Kravitz, in his distinctive style, challenges the notion that Verstappen’s aggressive move warranted sanction, labeling it as pure “hard racing.” 

This resolute stance adds fuel to the already heated debate surrounding F1 officiating and racing dynamics.

Max Verstappen’s Penalty

The Las Vegas Grand Prix witnessed a pivotal moment as Max Verstappen incurred a five-second penalty for a daring move on Charles Leclerc. 

Despite objections, the stewards deemed Verstappen’s maneuver worthy of sanction

Expressing initial discontent over team radio, Verstappen later acknowledged the FIA’s decision as appropriate, adding a layer of controversy to his triumphant 18th season win.

Charles Leclerc’s Complaints

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc’s discontent echoed through the Las Vegas Grand Prix as he vehemently protested against Max Verstappen’s aggressive move. 

After being forced off the track in a contentious 1st-lap clash, Leclerc demanded immediate scrutiny from the stewards. 

Expressing frustration over team radio, he labeled Verstappen’s actions as a potential race-altering “joke,” injecting a dose of controversy into the F1 narrative.

Ted Kravitz’s Perspective

In his distinctive analysis on Sky Sports’ Ted’s Notebook, Ted Kravitz offers a unique perspective on the Las Vegas Grand Prix drama. 

Disagreeing with the stewards’ decision, Kravitz defends Max Verstappen’s aggressive racing style, branding it as “hard racing.” 

His insights into the incident add a compelling layer to the ongoing F1 discourse.

Red Bull’s Role

Amidst the Las Vegas Grand Prix controversy, the spotlight also turns to Red Bull’s role in managing Max Verstappen’s penalty. 

Initial communications with Verstappen suggested resistance, emphasizing his advantageous position. 

However, Ted Kravitz suggests Red Bull could have mitigated the penalty by instructing Verstappen to relinquish the lead to Charles Leclerc strategically. 

This adds a layer of intrigue to Red Bull’s strategic decisions in the high-stakes race.

Verstappen’s Response

Reflecting on the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Max Verstappen’s response to the stewards’ decision showcased a shift from initial discontent to acceptance. 

After securing his 18th win of the season, Verstappen acknowledged that the FIA’s call on the penalty was justified. 

This candid acceptance adds a candid touch to the post-race narrative.

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Race Outcome

The Las Vegas Grand Prix concluded with Max Verstappen clinching a record-breaking 18th win of the season. 

Despite the earlier controversy, Verstappen showcased his prowess by overtaking Charles Leclerc and his teammate, Sergio Perez, securing the top podium

The final standings reveal a captivating race, setting the stage for an anticipatory climax in Abu Dhabi.


In the aftermath of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the clash between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc has left the F1 community buzzing with controversy. 

Ted Kravitz’s fervent defense of Verstappen’s aggressive racing style, coupled with Red Bull’s strategic decisions, adds layers to the narrative. 

Verstappen’s acceptance of the penalty, despite securing his 18th win, underscores the unpredictability and intensity that define Formula 1. 

As the season concludes in Abu Dhabi, the echoes of the Las Vegas drama will undoubtedly reverberate, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the final showdown.

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