Glamour, Romance, and Intrigue: Updates from the World of F1 WAGs

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Updates from the World of F1 WAGs. Introducing a captivating journey into the world of Formula 1’s WAGs – a realm where glamor, romance, and intrigue converge

From Kelly Piquet’s dazzling campaign to Rebecca Donaldson’s sizzling summer snapshots, we explore the lives of these remarkable women.

Relationships, achievements, and a dash of mystery intertwine as we dive into the latest updates, all while staying true to the essence of their original stories.

Updates from the World of F1 WAGs

Discover a whirlwind of captivating stories from the realm of F1’s Leading Ladies. 

From Kelly Piquet’s mesmerizing MiuMiu campaign to the intrigue surrounding Charles Leclerc and Alexandra Saint-Mleux’s relationship, F1 WAGs add their unique charm to F1

Whether it’s Rebecca Donaldson turning heads with her modeling ventures or Kika Gomes’ unwavering support for Pierre Gasly, each update brings a fresh perspective. 

Explore the glamorous lives of Lily Muni He, the professional golfer, and Lily Zneimer, the charismatic partner, while Marilou Belanger races our hearts with her lingerie campaign

Updates from Laila Hasanovic’s promotions and Carmen Mundt’s mountain retreat complete this captivating journey into the world of F1’s Leading Ladies.

Kelly Piquet’s MiuMiu Campaign and Louis Vuitton Connection

Nelson Piquet’s daughter and Max Verstappen’s girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, has recently graced the fashion world, again, with her alluring presence. 

Her captivating MiuMiu campaign has set the industry abuzz, showcasing her charisma and style. 

In the campaign of MiuMiu Kelly posed with an awe-striking bag.

Moreover, Kelly delighted her fans with a glimpse into her life when she unveiled an exquisite Louis Vuitton camera baga testament to her glamorous lifestyle. 

Not to be missed, Kelly and Verstappen recently made headlines as they attended a high-profile birthday party in Milan, reaffirming their status as one of F1’s power couples.

While her relationship with Verstappen remains in the spotlight, Kelly’s foray into fashion adds an extra layer of intrigue to her already captivating narrative.

Rebecca Donaldson’s SUNRISE PARFUME and other Campaigns

The rising WAG in the F1 universe, Rebecca Donaldson, has taken the spotlight with her mesmerizing SUNRISE PARFUME campaign

Beyond the racetrack, her magnetic charm has graced campaigns for NADINE MERABI (Luxury Womenswear) and even landed her in the pages of ELLE Hungary Magazine

While her relationship with F1 driver Carlos Sainz heats up, Rebecca’s presence in both fashion and Formula 1 continues to captivate fans worldwide.

Did Charles Leclerc and Alexandra Saint-Mleux Broke Up?

Amidst swirling rumors, the status of Charles Leclerc and Alexandra Saint Mleux’s relationship has left fans in suspense. 

Speculations about a potential breakup gained momentum due to Alexandra’s conspicuous absence at recent Grand Prix events. 

However, a friend’s social media post featuring books and a racing stream offered a reassuring glimpse into Alexandra’s busy life as an architecture student hinting that she has exams. 

The mystery of their relationship status continues, keeping fans guessing.

Kika Gomes: The Supportive Partner

Francisca Gomes, also known as Kika Gomes, epitomizes the role of a supportive partner as she stands by Alpine driver Pierre Gasly’s side. 

Her elegance was on full display at both the Dutch and Italian Grand Prix events, where she graced the paddock in stunning attire. 

In addition to her unwavering support, Kika has shared captivating snapshots from her previous Zdan campaign in bikini, earning admiration from fans who laud her stunning presence. 

Moreover, in the Italian Grand Prix, Kika posed for a selfie with Carla Brocker and Charlotte Di Pietro, who are girlfriends of Arthur Leclerc and Lorenzo Leclerc respectively.

Furthermore, in some posts swirling around internet, both Kika and Gasly have enjoyed partying post the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

Lily Muni He’s Hong Kong Journey

A professional golfer and girlfriend of Alex Albon, Lily Muni He, recently embarked on an exciting journey. 

Amidst her steadfast support for Albon’s F1 career, she shared her August scenic getaway experiences on Instagram. 

From relaxing beachside moments with loved ones to announcing her upcoming competition (Oct 6-8) at Hong Kong Golf Club, Lily’s life is a balance of sports and leisure, mirroring her vibrant personality both on and off the golf course.

Lily Zneimer: The Young and Charismatic Partner

The charismatic girlfriend of Oscar Piastri, Lily Zneimer, adds youthful allure to the F1 scene. 

As one of the youngest WAGs, she’s been a constant presence by Piastri’s side at recent Grand Prix events, including the Dutch and Italian Grand Prix

With her youthful exuberance, Lily complements Piastri’s promising career, making them an endearing couple in the paddock.

Marilou Belanger’s Recent Lingerie Campaign

The stunning girlfriend of Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll, Marilou Belanger, has recently ventured into the world of modeling. 

She made waves with her sizzling lingerie campaign, showcasing her alluring charm. 

The confirmation of her relationship with Stroll recently confirmed the rumors. 

Also, earlier during the Dutch Grand Prix, she showed up on the paddock cheering for Lance Stroll.

Laila Hasanovic’s MakeUp Mekka Promotion

In her role as Mercedes’ reserve driver Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend, Laila Hasanovic, recently stepped into the spotlight. 

Although she remained absent from Grand Prix events, Laila engaged her fans with a Makeup Mekka product promotion on social media. 

While her participation in racing events might be limited, her connection with Schumacher and her involvement in promotional activities keep her firmly in the public eye.

Carmen Mundt’s Vacation

George Russell’s girlfriend of more than 3 years, Carmen Mundt, recently took a break from the F1 world to indulge in a serene vacation. 

Her Instagram showcased picturesque snapshots from her mountain trekking and cycling adventures

While her presence at the Dutch Grand Prix was noted, her escape into nature provides a refreshing contrast to the bustling F1 lifestyle.


In conclusion, the world of Formula 1’s Leading Ladies is a captivating blend of glamor, romance, and intrigue. 

From Kelly Piquet’s high-profile fashion campaigns to Rebecca Donaldson’s rise in the modeling world, these women effortlessly balance their careers with supporting their F1 partners. 

While questions surround Alexandra Saint-Mleux and Charles Leclerc’s relationship, the unwavering support of Kika Gomes for Pierre Gasly and Lily Muni He’s dedication to her golfing career add depth to the F1 narrative. 

Lily Zneimer’s youthful charisma alongside Oscar Piastri and Marilou Belanger’s modeling endeavors with Lance Stroll contribute to their allure. 

Laila Hasanovic’s promotional ventures and Carmen Mundt’s mountain retreat highlight the diverse lives of these leading ladies, enriching the F1 experience.

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