Valvoline Joins Aston Martin as Official Lubricant Partner for British Grand Prix

Valvoline Collabs with Aston Martin for One Off Livery at British Grand Prix Image

Valvoline joins Aston Martin as official lubricant partner for British Grand Prix. Aston Martin and Valvoline have joined forces in an exciting partnership for the upcoming British Grand Prix. The Aston Martin Formula 1 team has unveiled a striking one-off livery, showcasing the collaboration with Valvoline as the official lubricant partner. This long-term technical and brand partnership brings together two iconic brands with rich motorsport histories. The special livery reflects the beginning of a dynamic partnership fueled by shared success and innovation in the world of Formula 1.

Partnership Details: Aston Martin’s Collab with Valvoline

Aston Martin Announces Valvoline as its Offical Lubricant Partner for British Grand Prix 2023 Image
Source: PR Newswire

The partnership between Aston Martin and Valvoline marks a significant milestone for the Aston Martin Formula 1 team. Valvoline has become the official lubricant partner, leading to a special one-off livery for the British Grand Prix. Valvoline’s red and blue V-shaped logo prominently appears on the engine cover, sidepod, and front wing of the AMR23 car driven by Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll. This collaboration extends beyond the race weekend, with Valvoline providing race-proven lubricants throughout the 2023 season.

Valvoline’s Motorsport History

Valvoline boasts a rich heritage in motorsports, dating back to the late 19th century. The brand has a long-standing presence in the United States racing scene, with notable associations in NASCAR, IndyCar, and drag racing. Its iconic red and blue color scheme has become a familiar sight, and Valvoline has been a pioneer in bringing innovative products and solutions to the racetrack. While sporadically appearing in Formula 1, Valvoline had a notable stint with Lotus in the late 1970s, fueling Mario Andretti’s Lotus 79 to the 1978 world championship.

Aston Martin’s Perspective

From Aston Martin’s perspective, the partnership with Valvoline is an exciting development for the team. As the official lubricant partner, Valvoline will provide race-proven lubricants for Aston Martin’s AMR23 car, aiming to enhance its performance on the track. The long-term nature of the partnership is particularly significant, as it aligns with Aston Martin’s plans to switch to Honda engines in 2026.


The partnership between Aston Martin and Valvoline for the British Grand Prix marks an exciting chapter in their shared motorsport journey. With Valvoline as the official lubricant partner, Aston Martin’s AMR23 car will benefit from race-proven lubricants, aiming to enhance its performance on the track. This collaboration reflects the commitment of both brands to innovation, success, and pushing the boundaries of Formula 1.

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