Verstappen Dominates Suzuka Qualifying to Grab Japanese GP Pole Position

Max Verstappen Storms to Suzuka Pole While McLaren's Piastri and Norris Chase Image
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Verstappen Dominates Suzuka Qualifying to Grab Japanese GP Pole Position. At Suzuka, Max Verstappen left his mark as he dominated the Japanese Grand Prix qualifying session

Verstappen’s blazing performance secured him the coveted pole position, setting a formidable standard for his rivals. 

His remarkable lap times, including an impressive second run, placed him more than half a second clear of his closest competitors, Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris of McLaren

This stunning display marked a triumphant return to form for Verstappen and the Red Bull team after a challenging weekend in Singapore.

Verstappen Dominates Suzuka Qualifying to Grab Japanese GP Pole Position

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen showcased sheer dominance at Suzuka, grabbing the coveted pole position for the Japanese GP

His performance was nothing short of spectacular, with Verstappen’s early lap times putting him more than half a second clear of his rivals. 

The Dutchman delivered an exceptional qualifying performance at Suzuka, setting the pace with impressive early lap times in Q3

Reaction and Comments

Karun Chandhok applauded Max Verstappen’s qualifying lap, hailing it as one of the greats in Formula 1 history. 

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, echoed the sentiment, describing Verstappen’s laps as “stunning” and “mind-blowing.” 

The reactions from fellow drivers and teams mirrored the awe-inspiring nature of Verstappen’s performance, cementing his place as a standout talent in the sport.

McLaren’s Challenge

McLaren faced the formidable challenge posed by Max Verstappen in Suzuka’s qualifying. 

Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris, part of the McLaren team, found themselves trailing Verstappen, with the gap extending to more than half a second.

Their pursuit of victory involved strategic considerations and a quest to match the relentless pace set by the Red Bull driver.

Other Key Performers

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz of Ferrari, although completing just one flying lap in Q3, sought to challenge the supremacy of Max Verstappen. 

Meanwhile, Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, made his presence felt, although he trailed by 0.773 seconds. 

Lewis Hamilton outperformed Mercedes teammate George Russell, but the Silver Arrows found themselves outside the top three rows on the grid.

Besides these Key Performers there was a red flag situation with Logan met with a crash during the quali.

Japanese Grand Prix Qualifying Results

1Max VERSTAPPENRed Bull1:28.877
2Oscar PIASTRIMcLaren1:29.458
3Lando NORRISMcLaren1:29.493
4Charles LECLERCFerrari1:29.542
5Sergio PÉREZRed Bull1:29.650
6Carlos SAINZFerrari1:29.850
7Lewis HAMILTONMercedes1:29.908
8George RUSSELLMercedes1:30.219
9Yuki TSUNODAAlphaTauri1:30.303
10Fernando ALONSOAston Martin1:30.560
11Liam LAWSONAlphaTauri1:30.508
12Pierre GASLYAlpine1:30.509
13Alexander ALBONWilliams1:30.537
14Esteban OCONAlpine1:30.586
15Kevin MAGNUSSENHaas1:30.665
16Valtteri BOTTASAlfa Romeo1:31.049
17Lance STROLLAston Martin1:31.181
18Nico HULKENBERGHaas1:31.299
19Zhou GUANYUAlfa Romeo1:31.398
20Logan SARGEANTWilliams

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Potential Steward Investigations

Steward investigations loom after qualifying at Suzuka

Charles Leclerc, Zhou Guanyu, and Valtteri Bottas are under scrutiny for exceeding the maximum lap time during Q1

These investigations could potentially impact the starting grid for the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix. 

The outcome of these inquiries adds an element of suspense to the race proceedings.


In conclusion, Max Verstappen’s resounding dominance in Suzuka’s qualifying session for the Japanese Grand Prix marked a standout moment in Formula 1. 

His exceptional performance, securing pole position with commanding lap times, underlines his prowess in the sport.

The reactions and comments from experts and fellow competitors acknowledged the brilliance of Verstappen’s achievement. 

As McLaren and other teams strategize to challenge his supremacy, the stage is set for an exciting and suspenseful race in Japan, further highlighting the fierce competition and unpredictability that make Formula 1 a thrilling spectacle.

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