Red Flags Galore: Verstappen Dominates Wet FP3 at Dutch Grand Prix

Red Flags Disrupt FP3 as Verstappen Emerges on Top at Dutch Grand Prix Image

Verstappen Dominates Wet FP3 at Dutch Grand Prix. Amid the rain-soaked spectacle of the Dutch Grand Prix 2023, the FP3 session unfolded with a torrent of surprises and challenges. 

Red flags waved incessantly as drivers grappled with the slippery track at Zandvoort

In a dominant display, Max Verstappen showcased his prowess, emerging as the beacon of brilliance despite the tumultuous conditions. 

This report delves into the drama-laden practice session, unveiling the pivotal moments that defined Verstappen’s reign on the timesheets and the relentless battle against the elements.

Verstappen Dominates Wet FP3 at Dutch Grand Prix

In a drenched 2023 Dutch Grand Prix FP3 session, Max Verstappen once again asserted his supremacy. 

As rain painted the track with challenges, Verstappen’s mastery shone through. 

Navigating the treacherous conditions, he exhibited a display of skill that left a lasting impression.

Overview of FP3 Session

The penultimate practice session, FP3, preceding the Dutch Grand Prix was a rollercoaster of excitement. 

Rain cascaded, turning the track into a challenge-laden circuit. 

As the final opportunity before qualifying, FP3 held immense significance. 

The session, marred by multiple red flag incidents, showcased the drivers’ adaptability amidst the wet conditions.

Red Flag Incidents

At the Zandvoort circuit, red flag incidents punctuated the FP3 session, adding an element of unpredictability to the Dutch Grand Prix preparations. 

A spin by Kevin Magnussen prompted an early interruption, affecting the rhythm. 

Further chaos ensued when Zhou Guanyu found his Alfa Romeo in the gravel, altering the track dynamics. 

The challenges intensified as Liam Lawson faced multiple disruptions, highlighting the impact of Daniel Ricciardo’s absence.

Verstappen’s Performance

Red Bull’s racer, Max Verstappen’s performance during the rain-soaked FP3 session at the Dutch Grand Prix was nothing short of extraordinary. 

Despite the challenging weather, Verstappen’s dominance emerged vividly as he navigated the track with finesse.

His skill in handling the treacherous conditions was evident, solidifying his position as a formidable force on the timesheets in his home country.

Response to Red Flags

Amid the flurry of red flags, drivers showcased remarkable adaptability during the FP3 session of the Dutch GP 2023. 

Swiftly recovering from disruptions, they skillfully rejoined the track. 

Also most drivers have decided to finish the race with intermediate tires and Yuki Tsunoda has reported that the conditions under intermediates were good.  

These moments of resilience underscored their determination to conquer the challenges posed by the interruptions and maintain their focus on the ultimate goal: mastering the wet conditions.

Track Conditions and Challenges

The Dutch Grand Prix FP3 was a test of mettle amidst rainy turmoil.

The track conditions, slick and unforgiving, demanded unwavering focus. 

Drivers grappled with reduced grip and daunting corners, epitomizing the challenges of the circuit. 

Verstappen’s near-wall encounter at Turn 3 showcased the relentless battle against the elements.

Final Moments and Intermediate Tires

In the closing stages of the Dutch Grand Prix FP3, as the final red flag waved, drivers seized the opportunity to switch to Intermediate Tires. 

The last 10 minutes witnessed a flurry of activity as lap times dropped, revealing a new dimension of competitiveness. 

The tire change unveiled drivers’ adaptability to changing track conditions.

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Dutch Grand Prix 2023 FP3 Session Results

Max Verstappen reigned supreme in the wet FP3 session at the Dutch Grand Prix. 

His lap time stood at the pinnacle of the timesheets, underscoring his dominance amidst the challenges. 

With a minor gap separating him from rivals, including George Russell (0.379) and Sergio Perez (1.000), Verstappen’s performance cemented his position as the leader in the results of this dramatic session.

Pos NoDriverTeamTimeGap
1Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing1:21.631
2George RussellMercedes1:22.010+0.379
3Sergio PerezRed Bull Racing1:22.631+1.000
4Fernando AlonsoAston Martin1:22.634+1.003
5Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:22.723+1.092
6Alex AlbonWilliams1:22.750+1.119
7Oscar PiastriMcLaren1:22.892+1.261
8Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo1:22.965+1.334
9Charles LeclercFerrari1:23.093+1.462
10Lando NorrisMcLaren1:23.158+1.527
11Pierre GaslyAlpine1:23.210+1.579
12Carlos Sainz JrFerrari1:23.438+1.807
13Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri1:23.544+1.913
14Logan SargeantWilliams1:23.570+1.939
15Nico HulkenbergHaas F1 Team1:23.640+2.009
16Esteban OconAlpine1:23.806+2.175
17Lance StrollAston Martin1:24.058+2.427
18Liam LawsonAlphaTauri1:26.343+4.712
19Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo1:28.482+6.851
20Kevin MagnussenHaas F1 Team


In a torrential downpour of challenges and red flags, the Dutch Grand Prix FP3 session emerged as a captivating preview of the battles yet to unfold. 

As Max Verstappen demonstrated his skill in the wet conditions, his dominance was illuminated. The session’s disruptions showcased the adaptability of drivers, leaving an indelible mark on the road to the main event.

The anticipation now shifts to qualifying and the main race, where the drama of the FP3 session sets the stage for an electrifying showdown.

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