Verstappen Tops the FP2 Session at Silverstone | Sainz and Albon Follow Closely

Max Verstappen Wins Silverstone second practice session beating Sainz and Albon Image

Verstappen tops the FP2 session at Silverstone. In the second practice session at the British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen showcased his formidable pace, setting the fastest time and topping the charts once again. His Red Bull roared ahead of the competition, with Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari and the impressive Williams of Alex Albon following closely behind. As the teams analyze the data gathered, anticipation builds for the remaining sessions, including final practice and qualifying.

Verstappen’s Strong Performance at Silverstone FP2 Session

The Red Bull’s racer, Max Verstappen, displayed his dominance once again, delivering a strong performance in FP2 at Silverstone. Setting an impressive lap time of 1m 28.078s on soft tires, Verstappen outpaced his competitors and improved upon his FP1 benchmark by over half a second. His remarkable speed solidifies his position as a formidable force in the British Grand Prix, leaving his rivals in awe of his skills on the track.

Sainz’s Impressive Run: A Narrow Slip Away from 1st Position

Carlos Sainz Just Misses First Position at Silverstone Second Practice Session Image
Source: PlanetF1

Carlos Sainz, of Ferrari, showcased his impressive form during FP2 at Silverstone, securing the second-fastest time just 0.022 seconds behind Verstappen. The Ferrari driver demonstrated strong pace and competitiveness, highlighting the progress the team has made. While acknowledging the need for improvement in long-run performance, Sainz’s performance in FP2 proves his ability to challenge the frontrunners at the British Grand Prix.

Albon’s Solid Performance

Albon comes third at Silverstone Second Practice Session Image
Source: Yahoo Sports

Alex Albon delivered a solid performance during FP2 at Silverstone, securing the third-fastest time. The Williams driver continued to impress with his consistent pace, further highlighting the team’s strong potential. Albon’s impressive run demonstrated his skills on the track and reaffirmed his position as a competitive force in the British Grand Prix.

Leclerc’s Technical Trouble

Charles Leclerc Faces Technical Issues at Silverstone FP2 Image
Source: F1 Journaal

Charles Leclerc faced technical trouble during FP2 at Silverstone, preventing him from participating in the session. Ferrari mechanics attempted to resolve an electrical issue, but were unable to fix it in time. Despite the setback, the team remains optimistic about addressing the problem for the upcoming sessions and focusing on preparing for the race on Sunday.

Sainz Calls for Improvement: Says Ferrari Has Some ‘Homework to Do’

Carlos Sainz Says Ferrari Has Homework to Do Image
Source: Sky Sports

Carlos Sainz expressed the need for Ferrari to address certain areas following their strong showing in FP2 at the British Grand Prix. While Sainz acknowledged the team’s competitive single-lap pace, he emphasized the importance of improving their long-run performance. Tire degradation remained a key concern for Ferrari, and Sainz called for focused efforts to manage it better. With Mercedes and Red Bull demonstrating stronger performance, Ferrari understands the homework that lies ahead to enhance their chances for success in the upcoming sessions and the race.


In conclusion, Max Verstappen’s strong performance in FP2 at the British Grand Prix solidified his dominance, setting the fastest time and showcasing his formidable skills. Carlos Sainz and Alex Albon also delivered impressive runs, closely following Verstappen’s pace. However, technical troubles hindered Charles Leclerc, preventing his participation in the session.

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