Hungarian Grand Prix Trophy Drama: Verstappen’s New Hungarian GP Trophy Almost Ready for Handover

Lando Norris Apologies for Hungary Grand Prix Trophy Mishap and Herendi Porcelán is Ready to Remake the Trophy Image
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Verstappen’s New Hungarian GP Trophy Almost Ready for Handover. In a dramatic turn of events at the Hungarian GP, Max Verstappen’s victorious moment was marred by an unexpected mishap. 

As the celebrations unfolded on the podium, Lando Norris inadvertently caused the original winner’s trophy to shatter, leaving a trail of porcelain fragments. 

The swift response of Herendi Porcelán, the Hungarian company behind the trophy’s creation, promises a replacement in the works.

This incident unveils the meticulous craftsmanship behind these prized symbols of victory, as well as the respectful camaraderie that shapes the F1 community’s response.

Verstappen’s New Hungarian GP Trophy Almost Ready for Handover

As the dust settles after the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix trophy mishap, anticipation grows for the imminent handover of Max Verstappen’s replacement prize. 

Following Lando Norris’ accidental podium celebration that shattered the original trophy, which is priced to be about $45,000, Herendi Porcelán has been diligently crafting a new masterpiece. 

CEO Dr Attila Simon assures completion by the end of September

Trophy Shattering Incident

In the Hungarian Grand Prix which was held in July, Max Verstappen triumphed in the first place followed by McLaren’s Lando Norris coming in second place.

During the traditional podium celebrations, Lando Norris’ enthusiastic champagne gesture led to the heart-stopping fall of the original winner’s trophy, crafted with meticulous care by Herendi Porcelán. 

Herendi Porcelán’s Swift Response

The company, Herendi Porcelán, the creative force behind the coveted Hungarian Grand Prix trophy, wasted no time in the face of adversity. 

CEO Dr Attila Simon promptly announced their commitment to crafting a new masterpiece after Lando Norris’ accidental mishap. 

With production underway since August, the intricate painting and gilding process is well in progress, ensuring the new trophy will be ready for handover by the end of September. 

This swift response showcases the company’s dedication to preserving the prestige of these cherished F1 symbols.

Efforts in Trophy Remaking

The intricate process of remaking the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 trophy reflects both dedication and artistry. 

Unlike the original creation, where design and colors needed refinement, for which it took almost half a year, this time, Herendi Porcelán benefits from an established blueprint. 

Many fans believed that the original trophy was barbie themed.

The company’s commitment to offer a free replacement stands testament to their dedication to preserving F1’s legacy. 

The streamlined approach ensures the new trophy is a worthy emblem of triumph.

Herendi Porcelán’s Visitor Centre

Herendi Porcelán not only crafts exquisite trophies but also offers a glimpse into their exceptional artistry through the visitor center

When asked about whether the McLaren’s driver Lando Norris could visit the said visitor center, the CEO said everyone is welcomed.

Herendi’s CEO, Dr Attila Simon extended an invitation for enthusiasts to witness the intricate process, saying, 

“We always welcome everyone to the manufactory’s visitor center to learn about the extremely high level of professionalism of hand-painted porcelain and porcelain-making and the process of value creation in Herend.”

This unique opportunity connects fans with the craftsmanship that elevates these trophies to treasured symbols of triumph.

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Norris’ Apology and Reaction

In the aftermath of the trophy mishap, Lando Norris swiftly expressed regret and sincerity, stating, 

“I obviously had no intention of ever doing such a thing, and I know how much it means to the Hungarians and [is] part of their culture and so forth.” 

While he initially made light of the situation, Norris realized the cultural significance and craftsmanship involved. 

He continued, 

“Of course, I want to enjoy the time [celebrating on the podium], but it was never my intention to do such a thing. 

I did apologize to Max. I know I made a couple of jokes about it, which maybe I shouldn’t [have]. But I do feel bad. 

If he did it to my trophy I’d be annoyed! I do apologize for it and obviously [to] the people that put the time and effort into making it. 

I really didn’t mean for it to happen. I’ll make sure I’m a lot more careful next time on celebrating.” 

Norris’ candid apology to Max Verstappen, Hungarians and the artisans, along with his commitment to being more cautious, demonstrates his respect for these cherished trophies and their profound importance.


In the world of high-speed races and intense competition, the incident surrounding the Hungarian Grand Prix trophy stands as a reminder of the fragility and significance of victory. 

McLaren’s Lando Norris’ sincere apology in regards to the mishap showcases the bonds that unite F1 enthusiasts. 

The swift response of Herendi Porcelán in remaking the trophy reinforces the dedication to craftsmanship. 

As the new trophy nears completion, the F1 community eagerly awaits the handover, a symbol of resilience and the unbreakable spirit that defines the sport.

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