Vettel Condemns Brutal Treatment of De Vries but Celebrates Ricciardo’s Return

Vettel Supports De Vries but Celebrates for Ricciardo's Fresh Start with AlphaTauri Image
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Vettel condemns brutal treatment of De Vries but celebrates Ricciardo’s return. Vettel’s unexpected appearance in the Red Bull garage during Ricciardo’s test at Silverstone warmed the hearts of fans. However, Vettel was also disheartened by the abrupt end to de Vries’ rookie season, emphasizing the need for empathy and understanding in such situations.

Vettel Says it is a Shame for Nyck

Vettel Says it is A Shame for Nyck de Vries Cruel End with AlphaTauri Image
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Sebastian Vettel has expressed his sincere support for Nyck de Vries, the ousted driver from AlphaTauri. Vettel, having witnessed de Vries’ sudden exit after only 10 races, sympathizes with the Dutch rookie and hopes his confidence hasn’t been affected. Recognizing de Vries’ talent and achievements, including winning the Formula 2 championship, Vettel believes it’s crucial not to overlook his potential and the unfortunate circumstances that led to his departure from the team.

Vettel’s Joy for Daniel Ricciardo

Vettel Delighted for Ricciardo's F1 Comeback Image
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Sebastian Vettel is filled with joy as he celebrates the return of his former teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, to Formula 1. Vettel’s friendship with Ricciardo, forged during their time as Red Bull teammates, has remained strong. Vettel expresses his happiness for Ricciardo’s fresh opportunity at AlphaTauri, believing that his infectious personality and racing prowess will make a positive impact. Despite his concerns for Nyck de Vries, Vettel is delighted to see Ricciardo back on the grid.

Mark Webber’s Perspective

Mark Webber Tried to Convince Ricciardo to Stay with Red Bull Image
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Mark Webber, a former Red Bull driver, shares his perspective on Daniel Ricciardo’s career choices. Webber admits that he tried to convince Ricciardo to stay with Red Bull, foreseeing the potential for him to dominate alongside Max Verstappen. Reflecting on Ricciardo’s move to Renault and subsequent struggles, Webber emphasizes the importance of asserting oneself in the highly competitive world of Formula 1, especially as Ricciardo prepares for his new challenge at AlphaTauri.


In conclusion, Sebastian Vettel’s recent actions and statements showcase his unwavering support for Nyck de Vries and his genuine happiness for Daniel Ricciardo. While expressing concern for de Vries’ abrupt exit and hoping it won’t dent his confidence, Vettel is thrilled to see his friend Ricciardo getting a fresh opportunity in Formula 1..

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